About us

Siroko Surf Center Gijón

Our school was founded in 2005 from three friends’ passion for surf and their desire to bring the sport to the whole world.

We are defined by the commitment, satisfaction and learning of our students, by the universal nature of practising this sport, respect for nature and the creation of a community united by the waves.

We have a human team of great value, characterized by its professionalism and closeness with the students, formed with the most advanced educational techniques in the surf sector that maximize learning and safety.

About the school

Our facilities

Located at the end of San Lorenzo de Gijón Beach, we have more than 200 m² distributed in a reception area, a shop, changing rooms with showers, hot water and lockers for our students. We also have the best specific material for our courses, with more than 80 initiation boards in different sizes and more than 200 neoprene suits in different sizes and thicknesses.

All this makes Siroko Surf Center the school with the biggest capacity in Asturias and one of the biggest in Spain.